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EyeView PoHang City Pohang CityHall
This is the picture of PoHang City, which is the birth place of steel industry in Corea.
  The sea on the left part is Yeong-il-man, which means 'the bay of greeting sun' => Yeong-il-bay  
  POSCO(a steel company) is in the left-up part of the picture. => Panorama from SongDo  
  Front-down part is HaeMaJi Park, which has the meaning of 'Greeting Sun'.  
Hanbit LeeKH's Revised Hangle
BaDa Project
 City Hall
 Yeong-il Man
 JukDo Market
 BulBit Fes.
 Bada Fest.
 HaeMaJi Fe.